Author - Kate Prebble

Cohort Go reaches massive milestone by helping its 100,000th customer

Cohort Go reaches massive milestone by helping its 100,000th customer

Cohort Go has just clocked up its 100,000th customer, with the international student payment platform ticking over the milestone at the end of June. 

Cohort Go’s digital platform helps international students and education agents from more than 180 countries easily pay for study fees, health insurance, accommodation and more with reduced or no costs. 

CEO and cofounder Mark Fletcher said the journey to 100,000 students had taken “perseverance and resilience” during the company’s past seven years. 

When the business began at startup incubator River City Labs in Brisbane, Australia, Mr Fletcher found himself constantly asking other startups how they had found their first customer.

“It always came down to a lot of hard work and pounding the pavement. For us that’s no different to how we ended up finding our first customer,” Mr Fletcher said. 

“After developing the program we were sitting there for three, four, or five months and we still had no customers.

“It was a struggle on the way. Probably for every yes there are 10 noes. But perseverance and resilience really do pay off.”

Mr Fletcher said the efforts from the global team at Cohort Go had helped the company reach the 100,000 milestone. 

“Now that we’ve reached 100,000 students it’s a time for celebration,” he said. 

“There has been a lot of hard work that’s gone in by all the team both here and across the world.”

Mr Fletcher said the focus would now be on continuing to build out services to offer students as they travelled the world.

“We’re always working with education agents and institutions to continually seek better ways to connect providers with agents, agents with students and students with their dreams,” he said.