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Littlepay CEO, Amin Shayan, Podcast

Littlepay CEO, Amin Shayan, Podcast

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Littlepay is a payment processing platform for the public transportation industry – it allows travelers to use a debit or credit card – which could be physical, virtual, on the phone, or a wearable to get on a bus or train to pay for their ticket.

Amin was born in Iran and moved to the United States at an early age. After the overthrow of the dictatorship in Iran, his family went back to Iran, but as history would have it things didn’t work out and they moved to Melbourne, Australia. It is a truly fascinating story.

Amin became an investment banker in New York which took him to London. And then back Melbourne where he became a part of the founding team at littlepay in 2016.

Littlepay manages 70% of the bus payments in the UK outside of London and more recently, they are developing the payment system for the City of Helsinki transit, and the City of Porto in Portugal and should be running some pilots in California later this year. 

Amin loves history, international affairs and keeping up with politics and is also a hang-gliding pilot.