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Jason Cheong

Head of Technology, Allectus Capital

"In the future, 99% of quotes will be AI generated"


A key thing we look for in our team / portcos is passion in technology and natural curiosity, usually from a young age. I have always wanted to be at the intersection of science and the world around us, and the technology changing our future, one byte at a time.

I am grateful to have had a diverse career as a lawyer, investment banker, private equity investor and venture capitalist. The one thing that remains true is that good deals, no matter where they are found, create fundamental value. At Allectus Capital we believe technology can be a great equaliser, and people regardless of age, gender, location or socio-economic status can use this to better themselves and their communities.

Allectus was the treasurer that became leader of the Roman Empire and set the first monetary policy for its people. I’m excited to see Allectus 3.0 and how we can use technology to exponentially improve the future of industry.


I’m still looking for the same things as when we started, interesting founders and technologies who are making the world a more useful place. At the end of the day, technology is a tool to reach human aims.

The most successful founders we’ve backed have deep personal pain points (usually learnt the hard way) and a burning desire and unique domain experience to fix them. We are looking for people trying to solve these personal problems in a meaningful and financially sustainable way. 

My personal areas of interest include fintech, supercomputing and the future of work. I usually work with growth stage companies to assist them with strategic thinking, organic and inorganic opportunities and planning for future M&A or liquidity.


Design enthusiast / Art / Food / Nature / Working out why we are here