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Matthew Gould

Head of High-Performance Computing

"Helping silicon think better for over 30 years”


I am a specialist in emerging technologies, with a background that includes leadership in semiconductor programs, and Artificial Intelligence.

I have enjoyed working with universities and institutions around the world to lift innovation from the lab to a listing. I see the challenge of meeting the insatiable demand for compute without wrecking our world as key to both profit and survival.

At Allectus I see the passion our team deploys to lift both portfolio projects and the people in them to be the best they can be.


My investments are conviction statements, both in terms of our long-term capital commitments as well as the knowledge, network and experience we bring to the door of our investees.

I like to get to know founders, work alongside them and support them as partners in order to see them thrive. My current focus is on high performance and quantum computing companies.