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Vasavi Vittal

Biotech & Healthtech

"Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect"-- Mark Twain


I started my career as a scientist working on molecular causes of Glaucoma, which led to interesting findings and publication of papers. However, subsequently, I decided to hang up my lab coat and embarked on a MBA at University of Oxford.

For the past been 15 years I have been working at the intersection of healthcare and finance which included experiences as an equity analyst, in a commercial role at GSK and in investment management. I am passionate about equitable and positive health outcomes for patients and strongly believe that technology is critical to this end.


I invest in disruptive healthcare, breakthrough science and cutting edge digital health technology and I am especially interested in therapies and technologies geared toward managing chronic diseases such as neurology, oncology, metabolic disorders, cardiovascular, ophthalmology, women's health and drug delivery. Healthcare is not easy and that's why I am on the lookout for founders that have experienced different aspects of the value chain and have a considered approach to company building.